ANUSHRI: Mutable Instruments encore et encore…

Olivier ne s’arrête plus… Un nouveau prototype présenté hier qui va en ravir plus d’un. Je vous laisse admirer les spec, et tout ça pour un prix inférieur à 200€!!!!


Mutable Instruments Anushri – a cheerful analog synth (that doesn’t suck at drums too)

Analog synthesis

  • Analog VCO with saw and pulse waveforms, freely mixable.
  • Optional automatic VCO calibration in software for those who don’t like messing with trimmers.
  • -1 or -2 octaves sub-oscillator.
  • Auxiliary square oscillator (DCO) with accurate digital tuning available as an FM modulator or as a sync master for the VCO (yes, it means “ewwwwwwiowwww” and “wongwong”).
  • 12dB/octave multimode filter, with smooth self-oscillation.
  • Post-filter overdrive/fuzz circuit.
  • Linear VCA.

Modulation sources

  • 1 main ADSR envelope routable to pitch, pulse width, cutoff frequency.
  • 1 simple 1-parameter envelope (morphing through various stages, including the shape of the main ADSR, and a rigid “GATE” style envelope) routed to VCA.
  • Velocity routed to either cutoff frequency or VCA gain.
  • 1 LFO routable to pitch, pulse-width and cutoff frequency ; with 8 waveforms (triangle, square, ascending and descending ramps, S&H, bernouilli process, piecewise linear random process aka “autodubstep”, noise).
  • 1 triangle LFO for vibrato and/or growl.

Arpeggiator and sequencer

  • Arpeggiator with 4 modes (up, down, up&down, random) ; 1 to 2 octaves ; 6 patterns.
  • SH-101-style note sequencer with step by step recording, up to 128 notes. Easy recording of pauses, ties, and glides.
  • Tempo set by internal clock with shuffle, external MIDI clock or external 6/12/24 ppqn trigger.

Drum machine

  • Algorithmic drum pattern generator using an innovative “pattern sculpting” approach – allowing a large combination of drum patterns to be sculpted from 5 knobs
  • Digital sound generation of BD / SD / HH with tone control
  • Drum sounds can be freely triggered from an external sequencer using MIDI channel 10


  • 9 pots and 4 switches for hands-on access to synthesis parameters.
  • 9 “soft-pots” for editing modulations / arpeggiator / drum machine settings.
  • 3 dedicated navigation buttons (“modulations”, “arpeggiator / keyboard”, “drum machine”).
  • 3 dedicated sequencer buttons (“record”, “play”, “hold / rest”).


  • VCO CV in/out (Note: manual VCO calibration is required for accurate 1V/Oct I/O).
  • VCF CV in/out (Note: manual VCF calibration is required for accurate 1V/Oct I/O).
  • Gate signal in/out (5V level for output).
  • 24, 12 or 6 ppqn clock signal in/out (5V level for output).
  • External Audio in.
  • Audio out.
  • MIDI in/out (thru + arpeggiator and sequencer notes).
  • CC control over modulations and some of the digitally controlled synthesis parameters. Some parameters like filter resonance cannot be CC-controlled.


  • Remove main audio in / out and solder corresponding minijacks on PCB
  • Remove LT1054 and solder 2×5 power connector
  • Route MIDI in/out to front panel (if you want…). And that’s it!


  • DIY product (full kit)
  • Price < 200€ / kit
  • Available < October 2012

Demo with drums
Synth demos

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